• How long can I test drive uFincs without an account?

    As long as you want.

    Just make sure to export your data to save it between sessions.

  • Are there limits to test driving uFincs without an account?

    Nope, there are no limits.

    However, your data will be cleared if you clear your browser data, so make sure to export your data to save it between sessions.

  • How long does the lifetime plan last?

    It lasts as long as uFincs is in operation.

    It does not last till the day you die (well, unless you die before uFincs does).

  • What currency are the prices in?

    All prices are in USD.

  • Why is there no free trial?

    Because we offer the free no-account test drive.

  • Why is there no free tier?

    There is! It's the ability to use uFincs without an account. There are no limitations on it beyond not having an account to sync data to. And it's free!

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?

    You can cancel your account at any time and we'll delete all of your data from our servers.

    However, we do not offer refunds.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade between plans?

    It depends. If you're on the Monthly plan, you can only upgrade to Annually.

    If you're on the Annually plan, you can only downgrade to Monthly.

    If you're on the Lifetime plan, you can not downgrade (why would you?).

    If you wish to upgrade to the Lifetime plan from the Monthly or Annually plans, please contact and we'll get you sorted out.


  • What's the end goal? Are you planning to sell out?

    The end goal is to build a business that brings in enough profit to finance whatever I want to do. Which means that I have no plans to sell out.

    However, I do have a favourite saying for a reason: "everyone has a price".

  • How big is the team?

    Hi! It's just me, Devin. Find out more about me on the about page.

    Or check out my LinkedIn.

  • Can I come work for you?

    At this time, I am in no position to hire anyone. However, even ignoring that, I want to keep uFincs a solo venture for as long as possible.

    So, unfortunately not.

  • What if uFincs were to shut down?

    Well, if uFincs were to shut down, that'd be very bad for me, personally, since then I wouldn't have a personal finance app. So... even if uFincs doesn't meet my business goals, I still need to keep it running for my own needs.

    But if it were to shut down, then I expect that the code being open-source would make for a suitable replacement.

  • Do you have a blog documenting the behind-the-scenes aspects of uFincs?

    Wow, what an oddly specific question! I'm glad you asked!

    I do actually have a separate personal blog where I sometimes write about the more meta aspects of running/building uFincs. Check it out!

Future Features

  • Is there going to be a desktop/mobile app?

    While not 'officially' supported, you can build Android, iOS, or Electron versions of the app from the source code. Check out the repo to learn more.

  • Are you going to support multi-currency conversions?

    No. But you can change which currency is displayed throughout the app!

  • Are you going to support stocks/live stock updates?


  • Are you going to support cryptocurrencies/live cryptocurrency updates?


  • So then how do I track my stocks/crypto/other investments?

    In traditional accounting, my understanding is that stocks/investments are just recorded as assets with two main records: one for purchasing the investment and a second for selling the investment. There isn't really the concept of updating the value of the investment based on, e.g., the change in stock price.

    Obviously, you could update the value of the investment (by adding in extra transactions that adjust the value of the investment against a relevant income/expense account), but that's something that's done manually.


  • How do you secure my data?

    Check out the Security overview for the details.

    tl;dr HTTPS/TLS, at-rest encryption, client-side encryption, client-side + server-side password hashing, a strict CSP, and more.

  • Is a uFincs a trust-less system?

    It is not. Unfortunately, because uFincs is a web app (more specifically, an app that can issue updates), we could theoretically change the app to steal all of your data (although, that is true of most apps). Obviously, it would be minorly against our interests to do that, but that does mean you have to have a certain amount of trust in us (both to not make those changes ourselves and to secure our systems to prevent malicious actors from doing the same).

    But, by having uFincs set up with things like client-side encryption, a large class of attacks (e.g. a database leak) are mitigated or prevented.

  • Couldn't uFincs be more privacy-friendly if it did X?

    Probably! And we certainly try our best to make uFincs as privacy-friendly as we can given the constraints we have (namely, being a web app).

    Ultimately, if you're looking for a 100% trust-less solution, I suggest sticking to pencil and paper with a one-time pad :)


  • Is uFincs be open-source?

    Yes, uFincs is open-source! Check out the repo here.

  • What's the tech stack?

    Frontend ( React, Redux (+ redux-saga), TypeScript, Sass, fully custom design system

    Backend: Node, Feathers, TypeScript

    Database: Postgres

    Marketing Site ( React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS