Features for forecasting your finances.

"Will I have enough money after payday to afford my rent, phone bill, and avocado toast?" Well, you're about to find out...

The mobile transactions view of uFincs
You are speed.

Super fast autocomplete

Entering transactions manually would be a chore if it weren't for our super fast search + autocomplete.

  • You search for past transaction descriptions
  • uFincs automatically fills out the amount, date, and accounts
  • You save time 🎉
A demo of the transaction autocomplete
Past? Present? Future.

Recurring transactions FTW

Save time entering transactions. Forecast your finances till the day you die. Learn that you'll never be able to retire.

  • Monthly phone bill
  • Biweekly salary
  • Mortgage payment? More like eternal rent...
Date form for recurring transactions
For the unbelievers

Import Rules

What? You don't like manually entering each and every transaction? Fine, use these import rules to save yourself those clicks.

  • Categorize accounts
  • Remap descriptions
  • Assign types
Table for import rules

Some charts

Not too many, not too few. But just enough to make you question your spending habits.

  • Net Worth over Time
  • Income + Expenses over Time
  • Account Balances over Time
The Net Worth over Time chart

Everything to put you in the driver's seat.

End-to-End Encryption

All of your data is encrypted so that you stay its only owner.

Double Entry Accounting

We keep it simple. You only need to worry about accounts and transactions.

Easy Data Exports + Imports

Want to leave uFincs or just make a backup? No worries, exporting all of your data is just a single button click.

Bulk Transactions Import

But not directly from your bank. Oh no, we only support the classic: CSV files.

Offline First

You might be stuck at home, but that doesn't mean sh*t can't hit the fan. Control your finances even while offline.

Support for You

Need help? Have some feedback? I'm only an email away: support@ufincs.com

Time to get hands-on with your finances.

Know what you don't get with a spreadsheet? The privilege of recording a transaction to pay for uFincs.

  • Sculpt your financial future
  • Own your data
  • 0-day free trial